Sunday, February 24, 2008

Islam's demands

In direct contrast to the post previous. What do you think of this? Warning: some off-color language.


Don said...

WOW! That was an interesting comment. So, so much of it is so, so true..

Kansas Bob said...

The sad part of it all is summed up in this quote from the video:

"There is no dialog with radical Islam."

I am not sure that there is dialog with non-radical Islam.. but I hope there is.

Anonymous said...

Ultimately when any of us truly think that we know GOD exclusively, just as many of us point to JESUS as GOD, then we better be ready for discontent in the world. Make GOD generic and maybe then we will all get along. Unless Aliens land, then we will all have a common enemy!

karen said...

Anonymous, although I normally woudn't engage in conversation with someone who doesn't have the courage to put a name to their comments:

No, a "generic" God is not the answer. God is not generic. Respect is the answer. Radical Islam cannot be equated with respect.

john t. said...

LOL.......lack of courage isnt exactly an apt description. Actually when I tried to post it using name it didnt seem to take. So this time you can call me John T.
What I mean by generic is that when we put "our" own name to it, it seems to create division. In reality much of Islam actually derives much of itself from the old testament. I just wonder how we can find a way to truly bring the love of Christ without having the world see the typical, radical, american evangelical christian. Hey and if what I have seen from don is true then even the radical islamists are saved too.

John T.

john t. said...

It worked this time :)

karen said...

Thanks, John T. I appreciate it.
Islam takes a whole BUNCH from the's roots are in Abraham, just as ours are.
Heck, Jesus and Mary are even in the Quran.
Our discord seems to be in our Triune Lord, and their uni-Allah...some say it's the same God...I imagine it is--just not viewing Him the same way.
And, yes...I'm with Don in the heretical notion that all are saved...eventually.
Thanks for stoppin'! Come again.

Anonymous said...

I've seen and heard this guy, Pat Condell, have a go at Christianity as well.
He is very clever at what he does as he has, as we Brits say, "The gift of the gab". He talks in cliches and uses tabloid newspaper language. Sad really.

SirRobert said...

I am quite familiar with Mr. Condell and he gives me a chuckle every time I hear him.

He does go after those of a Christian persuasion with just as much vitriol on occasion and in my humble opinion deservedly so in the examples he provides.

While I am no longer disposed to attack with such rancor I do see a place for his brand of insight and humor.

He does hold a mirror up to those who have the temerity to 'know' what's best for all.


karen said...

yep, he does seem....energetic..!
Humor is always appreciated.
Thanks for coming by, Robert!