Saturday, December 8, 2007

Pat has summed up something pretty special on her December 8th post. Check it out.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

heresy ramblings

Pat is a friend of mine...and elder and minister as well....who has just freed herself from a particular bond. I'm very proud to call her friend and sister; and proud of her standing up for what is right and loving.

She just posted an interesting thought on her blog. Check it out. I'm loving the fact that while we knew each we are really getting to know each other through blogworld. I hope that's a good thing!

Mike has a great blog that I recently discovered. I love his succinct posts...and the laughing and personal head smacking revelations that come to me when I read his questions. He posed the "what's heretical about this blog?" question to me.

Heresy is not a bad thing; we all know that now....there are enough of us asking these questions...and thank God we are able to ask them even among our more traditional friends. That's what I've loved about discussions at my other blog and with friends' blogs. So far we have been able to discuss without getting personal or cruel. That's what it's about...being able to be open, accepting, and respectful.

I only know 2 things for sure: Jesus IS, and God is Love. Everything else is up for grabs and discussion. I've had a Jesus revelatory experience and I wish all others would have it, too. If I hadn't had that experience I don't know where I'd be today. Life changing...and yet, like the disciples, I continued to dabble in doubt for years. God just kept pursuing me, though. I actually have had people ask me, "Why would GOD talk to YOU?!?" A better question to them might be, "Why not?" or
"Why isn't He talking to YOU?!?" I actually posed that last question to one woman and watched the blood drain from her face. Oops.

Martin Zender points out many scriptures that attest to the fact that God makes unbelievers. Why, I don't know. I wish that everyone would know the love of Christ on this side of the realm. But, I believe they'll know it on the other side. Every knee will bow and all of that....No one getting to the Father except through Him. But where does it say that will happen on this side of life?

Actually, according to many polls by George Barna, those of us in the universalistic realm are more mainstream than one might think. In fact, I think in a recent poll, the majority of Christians don't believe that Jesus is the only way to the Father (I disagree with that based on previous sentence..just not in the way tradition has taught).

Enuff rambling.....What is heresy to you?