Sunday, December 21, 2008

Each needs the other. . . .

You may have to click on this. I wrote this 3 years ago, but it speaks to the man/woman issue.

Enough already!!

Righteous Ranting Warning. . .

Haven't churches done enough damage? I posted here a little bit ago about women in ministry. Sorry...I meant LEADERSHIP in ministry--not just being allowed to work in some smaller phase of the church. Women following their callings....whatever they may be! I found a great little denomination that is ALL for women planting and leading churches, but they have a little disclaimer.....yeah, the man is STILL THE HEAD OF THE HOUSE, because "scripture" says so. I have literally HAD it with ignorant, arrogant, "powers that be" who still cling to that "man is the head of woman" nonsense. These PTB insist that "head" means "boss" because they refuse to understand that nuances of the English language CANNOT be applied to the Greek! "Head' means just that....physical head or source, like that of a river. Had the scripture meant that men were to rule over women, the word "archon" would have been used. Kephale means, literally, head or source; Paul was teaching against the pagan thought that Eve or women somehow came first and man was beget from woman. And, don't even try the "wives submit to your husbands" stuff on me. For one thing the word "submit" is mistranslated; second, it was poked in there by misogynistic translators lusting after cultural control--it was added. Isn't there something in scripture about the dangers of adding to the Word? ;-)

Sadly, most of today's preachers are disabled spiritually by their lack of continuing education--and sometimes by their hard and egotistic hearts. I have many resources of PhD's in the Greek and ancient languages who have moved forward and discovered the true meanings and GREEK nuances of what was being told. I trust them implicitly; they are using newly discovered papers that are contemporary to Biblical times. Why do people not realize there is a LARGE percentage of un-translated words in the King James--that words were insinuated and tucked in there?

Having a pastor who does not keep up with new discoveries is like having a doctor who only practices what he or she was originally taught in medical school. That's dangerous, yes? And so it is with churches today. Untold damage, untold bondage, and defiance to God, disrespect of Jesus' death on the Cross and the torn curtain, and ignoring Jesus and Paul's utilization of women in ALL phases of ministry. Leading, anointing, blessing, evangelizing.

There is only Freedom in Christ! Ephesians tells us to attach to and support one another (NOT submit!). How much bigger is it to allow the gifts and supporting to flow like heavenly breathing among us? Have you ever noticed how, when no one is 'trying' to be the boss, or 'appointed' to be the boss, that a natural leader emerges? And, how, most of the people around that leader recognize them as a leader--and that it fluctuates according to ability? The only ones who do not accept these natural leaders, or battle that leadership, are the ones who are more interested in themselves...not the good outcome of the project.

I know men who tell me that their wives are the spiritual leaders of the home. I know women who tell me their husbands are. I know men and women who tell me their spouse is the financial whiz in the home. Women who are the "handyman" of the home because the husband is all thumbs with power tools. What is wrong with that?

Why put the pressure on one person in a marriage, when clearly God gave both dominion over the earth? That God pulled woman from the 'adam' (human) making each fully one sex when they were both sexes in the beginning? That God wanted an "ezer kenegdo" for the man, meaning ‘one who is the same as the other and who surrounds, protects, aids, helps, supports.’ Kenegdo means "suitable or parallel." Ezer means "help;" the very same word David uses to refer to God. Are we to assume that God was David's subordinate? Don't think so.

My point here is that church as we know is dying. The mega-churches are flourishing, though. Why do you think that might be? I submit (as in present :-}) that it's because of small groups...groups where women are finding a way to follow their giftings, to pastor, to serve, to love, the members of their groups--much like Nympha or Chloe--and I suspect most of their husbands are letting them--because they know in their hearts that it's godly to do what is needed by God.