Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some random questions

What is your favorite book in the Bible, and why?

What is your favorite book besides the Bible, that deals with faith, and why?

Have you ever heard the audible voice of God, (or maybe even an angel or two)?

Have you ever SEEN in life or dream, the face of God/Jesus?
(please don't quote me scripture about not seeing God's face, etc.)

Do you have a miracle story(ies) to tell?

I'm interested because of some of the last comments on my "Is this the God we serve" post. It's interesting how Christians believe in the supernatural events of the bible, but scoff at those things happening today--making, I believe, people keep those experiences to themselves.

Brian said:
"As I've gotten older and learned more about the context of how the Bible came to be, my view has changed from the "Word of God" to an inspired word from God- through men. And, given that I think God is still speaking, I take it seriously. But, I don't think the book was closed or ever will be. I have no doubt that Paul's words are inspired as are the words of authors we still have with us today."

Do you believe that things of biblical proportion have happened since the Bible was written, and are happening today?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My yard, and God's. . .

This summer I've started digging into the yard. Since the removal of huge trees in the back, the sun has been stimulating the growth of many, many things, especially those things we call weeds.
Not wanting to use lots of pesticides, I've been crawling around on my hands and knees pulling. I purchased some natural vinegar stuff from the garden center, but it really doesn't work well. I have a bunch of weeds out there. Since I can't be in the sun, I am an evening and morning gardener.
I was pulling and thinking: God...why'd you make these? I want a pretty yard. I'm not a Nazi about it or anything. I don't mind the occasional weed or two since I'm primarily organic. But, these things are prolific. They aren't pretty, they are intrusive, and they interfere with the "peace" of the garden.
They are the "sinners" of my yard. The imperfect things that I wish weren't around. They misbehave, and they just won't quit. They are defiant. And, yet, what I call weeds were put there by the Creator. In fact, there are more "weeds" out in the world than there are pretty, perfect, well-behaved flowers and plants. What is their purpose?
I can pull, pluck, poison, or pray, and they'll still be there. And, He lets them be there! He created them--these stubborn, ugly, belligerent things.
Just some thoughts as I'm wiping the sweat droplets from my nose.