Wednesday, December 5, 2007

heresy ramblings

Pat is a friend of mine...and elder and minister as well....who has just freed herself from a particular bond. I'm very proud to call her friend and sister; and proud of her standing up for what is right and loving.

She just posted an interesting thought on her blog. Check it out. I'm loving the fact that while we knew each we are really getting to know each other through blogworld. I hope that's a good thing!

Mike has a great blog that I recently discovered. I love his succinct posts...and the laughing and personal head smacking revelations that come to me when I read his questions. He posed the "what's heretical about this blog?" question to me.

Heresy is not a bad thing; we all know that now....there are enough of us asking these questions...and thank God we are able to ask them even among our more traditional friends. That's what I've loved about discussions at my other blog and with friends' blogs. So far we have been able to discuss without getting personal or cruel. That's what it's about...being able to be open, accepting, and respectful.

I only know 2 things for sure: Jesus IS, and God is Love. Everything else is up for grabs and discussion. I've had a Jesus revelatory experience and I wish all others would have it, too. If I hadn't had that experience I don't know where I'd be today. Life changing...and yet, like the disciples, I continued to dabble in doubt for years. God just kept pursuing me, though. I actually have had people ask me, "Why would GOD talk to YOU?!?" A better question to them might be, "Why not?" or
"Why isn't He talking to YOU?!?" I actually posed that last question to one woman and watched the blood drain from her face. Oops.

Martin Zender points out many scriptures that attest to the fact that God makes unbelievers. Why, I don't know. I wish that everyone would know the love of Christ on this side of the realm. But, I believe they'll know it on the other side. Every knee will bow and all of that....No one getting to the Father except through Him. But where does it say that will happen on this side of life?

Actually, according to many polls by George Barna, those of us in the universalistic realm are more mainstream than one might think. In fact, I think in a recent poll, the majority of Christians don't believe that Jesus is the only way to the Father (I disagree with that based on previous sentence..just not in the way tradition has taught).

Enuff rambling.....What is heresy to you?


karen said...
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Missy said...

"What is heresy to you?"

I really great name for a pet rabbit. hehe

A new idea of heresy to me is starting to develop as being so entrenched in a systemic theology or non-theology that I am no longer open to the ideas of those around me. I don't want to be that.

BUT, in the world's typical version of heresy, where I might shock some by asking taboo questions - I think it's a necessity.

(verification: "ahymeey" - sounds like it could use a hug.)

Don R said...

Already had to delete one, huh. That's a good sign. According to the Greek, one of the definitions for heresy= to choose. I guess it fits me. I have chosen to be "unorthodox" (the other definition. If questioning the traditional viewpoint and taking nothing at face value makes me a heretic, guess I'm guilty. Today, an open mind, an inquisitve spirit seems to be bordering on heresy. I am not attracted to dogma. I don't anymore accept doctrine without demonstrable verification. Due to my earlier experiences, I am more skeptical of so-called truths.

karen said...

actually, that was my own comment...I'm not getting them via email...very frustrating.

I like both of your answers!!

Karen said... think that close-mindedness could be heresy...I like that thought process.

I HAVE to ask questions...and unfortunately it really befuddles people...especially doctors and pastors!

Don..."to choose" --that was what I was trying to remember. Thank God we can be heretical today without being put to death!!

Mike said...

"Thank God we can be heretical today without being put to death!!"

Well, Karen, we don't know that for sure yet, do we? ;) (I think I have seen a certain glint in the eye of the dogmatist.)

To me heresy is anything that runs counter to truth as put forth by those who control the power structure of the church. Christ seemed to find the Power/Truth admixture objectionable. I want to be on His side.

Thanks for the kind mention!

karen said...

Yeah, Mike...I'm almost sure I saw James Dobson running after me!

Glad I found you through DonR!

Maggie said...


Heresy to me is not embracing the life given us...not taking care of this world...

I do not espouse any particular religion. I was once a Sunday school teacher and children's choir teacher and all those sorts of things, but organized religion fell short of my expectations.

I felt it was imperative to let my children choose their paths. Oldest has a master's in theology and is an associate pastor/youth leader/music minister at a growing church in Lexington.

Daughter has no professed religion but is a social worker and an environmentalist and an acitivist.

Youngest son is much like his sister. He used to go visit with her in Nashville and prepared food for the homeless. He also got to serve a few times (he was only 13, I think). He learned so much about himself through that experience.

I think that God, in his infinite wisdom, knows our hearts and concerns. Not all of us are going to choose a church to acknowledge his presence. Not all of us are even going to call him God. Or her God. And perhaps that makes me a heretic, but I choose to believe differently.

When my children were younger, we talked about God and Buddha and Islam and Judaism and we discussed each religion and faith that we could think of (Taoism comes to mind along with the others).

It's a confusing world, made more so with everyone thinking they have the right and only idea about what or whom God is or spirituality is, and I, for one, just want to keep it as simple as knowing that I don't think anything about this life is an accident or meaningless, though there are days I confess to not understanding how there can be any meaning to the senseless way many people live and die.

I believe in the common good, and if you are an atheist who does good things for others because you believe in the common good or you are an agnostic or you are just simply someone unsure of your religious beliefs but very sure that what is right is right and taking care of others and this planet is a right agenda to focus on, then amen to you and you and you.

karen said...

Excellent words, Maggie! You fit right in here! :-D

I think heresy is always the wrong stuff the OTHER guy is saying! LOL

Kansas Bob said...

Okay, I found you :)

Heretic seems to be the new word for rebel.. seems to be a sort of badge of honor worn in the blogosphere.

I don't think that it is a helpful word.. it carries an edge with it that shuts down dialog instead of encouraging it.

I can relate a bit because I wear the word santimonious in the same manner.. maybe I need to rethink that one.

Back to heresy.. it really is a meaningless word anymore.. at least in the context most use it.. Roman Catholicism no longer has a stranglehold on church and Christianity.. you can now boast about being a heretic and not fear for your life.

Of course we never hear about the real heretics.. those in other countries that are imprisoned and killed because they would not bow to religious despots.

Guess my comments turned into a rant.. sorry about that.. bet you are glad you asked the question :)

karen said...

You're right use sanctimonious like we use jest, though, I hope!

Yes, I'm very glad you found this spot!

Kansas Bob said...

You are so right Karen.. in jest.. that is helpful.. adjusts my attitude a bit.. all about attitude I guess.

Blessings to ya, Bob

PS: Still don't think that annoying word verification is needed.

karen said...

okay, okay....i took it off!!

let's see if i get any funny spam.

Kansas Bob said...

I think that I have deleted 4 spam comments this year.. and enjoyed doing it :)

Joe said...

I guess that some, if not all, of the churches that worship Jesus Christ would call me a heretic since I don't consider many of their acts and beliefs to be Christian.

If there is a heretic label on me I certainly am not wearing it with pride but I'm not ashamed of it either.

I very much agree with Maggie. Too many church members do nothing to help others.

Christian Beyer said...

If I have not been accused of being a heretic at least once a month I feel that I have caved in to the powers and principalities that Paul warns us against. Nice website. But you need to write more.

karen said...

Thanks, Christian. I still am new to being a public heretic.
I'm going to check your blog out!