Monday, November 26, 2007

The love of Christians. . .

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Don said...

This negativity proves that we only use 10% of our intellectual power.

Missy said...

I am still searching out what scripture has to say about practicing homosexuality, and what better way to help me out than to have more resources? And tell me why someone who actually struggles with it shouldn't have a well-rounded perspective of opinions and support?

Why can't Christians express their opinions without some kind of marketing mindsetters deciding who's opinion is better? Just let us hear what people have to say, and let us sort it out with scripture and prayer.

God gives us the freedom to have our own opinion - I guess some might think they have a better way to do it.

karen said...

Don, LOL!!

Missy, I'm searching the scriptures, too...and the more I study...AWAY from both Ann Nyland's work and the stuff of denominations, the more interesting it all becomes.

The behavior of, say, Larry Craig, more closely resembles what the scriptures are talking about than that of the gay people that I know and love.

Pat said...

God doesn't waste experiences. Graham Cooke calls Him "intentional." All this is to move us toward Him--even those with whom we disagree.

We have learned much and there is more coming. Exciting, isn't it!