Sunday, November 11, 2007

short and sad

I had a rough couple of months wrestling with a ministry dilemma. I was involved with a website that promoted women in ministry; the scriptural Truth of it, and God's plan for women.

Great website, but we had a disagreement about keeping a valuable resource on the site because the author penned a Gay study NT. Some of us wanted to keep the original resource on, the voting majority wanted ALL of the author's stuff off. I could have gone along with most of that: I wasn't a voting member and I felt the women's ministry took precedence. We were all, except 2 of the founders, trying to find a common ground that all would find agreeable.

The problem settled around how to handle the whole thing. Most of us wanted quietness and perhaps to answer individual questions on an individual basis. We also wanted to keep a place for gays to come, to feel safe. We think Jesus would have wanted it that way.

I've been chastised, my discussions and arguments have been called "dispicable,"; we were under a "beguiling spirit," etc. Not much short of accusations of working with the devil. I've been accused of "influencing" one of the founders.

Gays have been judged, from what I can surmise, as unredeemable. Somehow, I missed that at the Cross.

3 of us have woman was one of the founders.

This all sickened me, but it pointed out to me why people run from the "love" of Christianity.